Betsy Phillips – Street Savvy Realtor | Real Estate Associate Broker

Shopping for your next home can present its fair share of challenges, including making your transition a seamless experience. Betsy Phillips is the realtor you can entrust this task to. Living in various parts of the North Shore throughout her adult life, Betsy has rented, owned, and also invested in an array of real estate both in the city and suburbs of the Chicago area.

Knows What Attracts Buyers to the North Shore & Greater Chicago Real Estate Market

As a young mother of three with a myriad of pets, Betsy knows firsthand what a growing family is looking for in terms of neighborhoods, schools, shopping, access to transportation, and the importance of making your space feel like home. Her experiences and expertise have led her to be well aware of what attracts residents to downtown Chicago as well. Betsy enjoys working with clients who have college-aged children and are looking to purchase property that their kids can live in throughout their schooling, an investment approach which she has found to be very beneficial for a family.

Experienced Real Estate Professional in Buying, Selling & Renting in Chicago City & Suburbs

A graduate of Lake Forest College, majoring in American Studies with a specialization in the history and development of American cities, Betsy has always followed her passion for Chicago’s history, art, architecture, and most importantly, people. Betsy found Baird & Warner through her own personal experience with the company. Having spent most of her adult life involved in the market and industry, Betsy utilized the organization in the sale of her last home, with unmatched ease and a well-seasoned professional. This experience only solidified her desire to become a broker, and has allowed her to hone in on her skill set, making Betsy a realtor who works tirelessly with the utmost integrity.

Trusted Realtor who will Consult, Advise, Guide & Partners with you Through the Real Estate Process

Priding herself on being a problem solver with a determined attitude, Betsy is your realtor who you can trust. She is extremely hard working, friendly, and always puts the needs of her clients first in every aspect of the real estate process. Partnering with Betsy will produce the results you need, and deserve, for your next home adventure.